About Us

Corporate Highlights

  • Workers' Compensation focused
  • Established in 1995
  • Consistent ownership since 1995
  • EDI VAN solutions for VAN only states
  • Most experienced development team
  • Production in 30 EDI states
  • 200 clients
  • 1 million transactions per year

HealthTech First

  • First to use the Internet for EDI reporting (1995)
  • First to deliver fully automated communication solutions
  • First to offer solutions clients can offer to their clients for notice of injury reporting
  • First to deliver an integrated solution with a claim management system
  • First to integrate client data tables (e.g., employee tables) in HealthTech tables
  • First to offer logical and sequential checking of data
  • First to use a centralized database for ALL states, regardless of release platform
  • First to offer flat-fee pricing
  • First to develop entry application that flexes by state and by report


Integration HealthTech products share common software and database components that allow the products to be used together in custom solutions. For example, a client can use the EDI Exchange product in high volume sates and use the EDI Reporter product in low volume states and still have access to all reports and data accross jurisdictions regardless of the HealthTech product used.

XML HealthTech supports the ACORD and IAIABC XML reporting formats and our own custom XML format. XML is the preferred method of communication due to the rapid deployment and easy integration with an SQL Database.

Web Services HealthTech supports many different formats for transmitting data from your company to HealthTech, including Web Services and secure file transport protocol (SFTP). Web Services gives an added benefit of communicaiton and feedback in real time.

NOC HealthTech utilizes a third-party network operations center that is certified in all popular certifications including SOC2 in the Denver area. Utilizing a third-party NOC provides HealthTech clients with the upmost security, maintainance, connection and reliability available.

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