Common Product Features

Ease of Use All HealthTech products have been carefully designed for ease of use and rapid learnability. The simple single screen focus of all HealthTech products makes a very user friendly and intuitive graphical user interface.

Pre-population All products have static user information pre-populated to save you data entry time. One examples of a static field is the third-party administrator's address.

Single database HealthTech products all run on Microsoft's SQL Server database which allows access to reports across states and across releases.

Reliability Because HealthTech owns and operates a proprietary network operations center, control of the servers can meet HealthTech's stringent 99.99% uptime requirements.

Security HealthTech products utilize SSL to protect all data being communicated between the client's PC and the HealthTech servers.


EDI Reporter: An easy to use, powerful Internet-based software application that allows direct entry EDI reporting to all EDI jusisdictions. Does not require a feed from the claim management system. Best for low volume reporting. Read More

EDI Exchange: An integrated EDI reporting solution that works with your claim management system to eliminate duplicate entry, provide quality reporting edit checks, and send EDI reports to all EDI jurisdictions. EDI Exchange provides great benefits by avoiding duplicate entry and checking data before it is sent to the jurisdictions.Read More

EDI Manager: HealthTech's newest production product that ccepts data from your claim management system and makes reporting decisions based on the data. EDI Manager makes virtually all of your EDI decisions for you based on historical data. EDI Manager works in all EDI jurisdictions.

EDI Client Reporter: A customized Internet-based software application that allows your clients to report notices of injury to you and have the data transmitted to your claim management sytstem. EDI Client Reporter can be branded with your company look and logo and provides tremendous benefits both in terms of marketability for your company and accuracy and time savings capturing injury details from your clients.

EDI VAN/Mailbox Service: In addition to being an EDI vendor, HealthTech is also an approved VAN (value added network) that allows your company to package EDI files and transmit them through the HealthTech proprietary VAN or mailbox service to any EDI state.

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